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NPM is a leading Chinese brand specialized in the field of small pellet mill supply. Until 2012, we have built up successful relationship with clients around the world. ....More

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With the CE certification shown below, we ensures that our small pellet mill conforms with the essential requirements on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Hammer Mill

Hammer mill can be used to shred or crush the biomass raw material into smaller and uniformed pieces, which should be smaller than the hole of the pellet mill die. This is the elementary stage of biomass pellet production.

The hammer mill we provide can be applied in various aspects. For example, it can also be used for shredding paper, milling grain, crushing large  rock and other waste management.

Here we offer two types of hammer mill for you, one is run by electric motor and the other is by diesel engine. The diesel engine type is a little bit costly than the electric type. And you can choose the type according to your specific situation.

The hammer mill we offer has been tested according to the strict standard, and you can rest assured about online casino the product quality.


Type Specification Capacity Dimension (mm) Note
TAS158Hammer mill 1.5kw motor 4 pcs sieves
with 1.5mm,2.8mm,
4mmand 6mm
700 620×480*580 with motor
TAS 420 B hammer mill With cyclone 7.5kw and 2 pcs sieves
with 2mm and 4mm
1000 1090×820×1100 With motor
TAS420C hammer mill With cyclone 11kw and 2 pcs sieves
with 2mm and 4mm
1000 1090×820×1100 with motor
TAS 420 hammer mill With cyclone 15hp Diesel and 2 pcs sieves with 2mm and 4mm 22hp Diesel and 2 pcs sieves
with 2mm and 4mm
1000 1090×820×1100 with Diesel
TAS 420 hammer mill With cyclone 1000 1090×820×1100 with Diesel

*The advantage of this pellet mill include: simple structure, high efficiency, high productivity, low power consumption, clean convenient operation, strong, stable and durable performance.

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