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NPM is a leading Chinese brand specialized in the field of small pellet mill supply. Until 2012, we have built up successful relationship with clients around the world. ....More

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With the CE certification shown below, we ensures that our small pellet mill conforms with the essential requirements on the market in the European Economic Area (EEA).

Mobile Pellet Mill (without motor)

Apart from pellet mill with electric motor and diesel engine, we also offer the pellet mill without motor, which is less costly and enable you to run it with other kinds of power you prefer.

This type of pellet mill is designed with flat die and driven by electric motor, which is doing a great job in small scale pellet mill production. It can efficiently pelletize a wide range of biomass raw material into pellets. Due to its portable size, you do not need to have large room to place it.

This type of pellet mill sells good  in a mobile gambling lot of countries and regions, and the machine we offer has been tested in accordance with the strict standard, and you can rest  assured about the product quality. Moreover, we have professional technician ready to provide scientific solution for you.


Capacity (kg/h) 40-80 50-90 80-120 150-300 200-450 300-600 500-700 500-700
Power (kw) 2.2-3 4 7.5 11 15 22 22 30
Net Weight (kg) 210 210 210 300 320 480 500 580
Outside  dimension 670*390 *910 700*350 *650 900*430 *950 980*470 *870 1120*490 *1070 1170*520 *1070 1270*520 *1070 1470*600 *1150

*This kind of small pellet mill is without motor, so they are rather light and mobile. 

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